Welcome to LeapIntoScience

Welcome to LeapIntoScience, a blog for budding scientists. First I should introduce myself: I’m Keeran, a young innovative scientist. I love science, I hope to spread that passion via my this blog.

The purpose of the blog is to teach you about the marvels of science, from stimulating scientifical concepts to simple textbook studies. I also aim to make this blog approachable for anyone, even if you hate science I can make you love it.

I shall try to be posting on a Sunday and a Thursday, but this might not occur every week. This is because I’m a student and I’m very busy.

A section called Learn shall be open to the public, in August 2017, and finished within a year.  This is aimed to help students and adults with information on a certain subject.

This should include:

  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Biology

As you can see, this website does not have a custom domain, but if we get to 5,000 viewers, I will get a custom domain.

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Thank you, and be sure to look out for future blog posts.