Chemistry, the world revolves because of it (and angular momentum.)  It studies the particles that make up the world, and how they behave. It covers acids and bases, matter, phases of matter, gas pressure, reaction, elements, rocks, solubility, stoichiometry, kinetics, bonds, mixtures, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, etc…

Chemistry has allowed us to live longer (e.g medicine and drugs) and better (e.g plastics, fertilizers, mechanics, lubricants, gas). It has supported the world in ways that you don’t know existed. It made you who you are, it made your device your reading on, it made you, it made the world, it may have made the universe.

So my idea is to summarize a small tiny minuscule bit of it. Put your seatbelt on, we’re going on the Autobahn.

So chemistry starts of with atoms. Atoms make up everything. They are tiny particles that consist of electrons, neutrons and protons. These decide what type of atom it is. For information look at learn (an information bank which is for students or adults wanting to learn about biology, physics or chemistry.) These can be classified into elements (e.g Oxygen. Hydrogen, Gold, Iodine…). Certain atoms can bond with other atoms.

Click here: for a great interactive periodic table online!


An atom gif from

These can be done in different ways. In some cases, you can have a reaction. This is when two pieces of matter react to create a different type of matter. Remember that no matter is destroyed or created in a reaction. Reactions are very useful, all life is dependent on reactions.

Matter can be in three main phases/forms. Solids, liquids and gases. This changes with temperature and pressure. These are also very useful. Plasma is the fourth form/phase of matter. It is very interesting.

Phew.., and that’s just touching the surface. For more information click here.



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