Sorry…(You will see why)

Dear Readers 

As you know I missed my blog post on Sunday, and I’m sorry. This is because my grandad has recently passed away. As a result of this, my blog writing might be interrupted or delayed.

On the other side, I am starting to develop learn, an section which shall help you if you are in education. KS3 (Grades 7-9 in out of England ) shall go up in Late July and shall be finished July 2018.  KS4 (grades 10 & 11) shall be coming out later (as I need to learn some of the curriculum). This all might come earlier as I will have lots of extra time in the upcoming days. 

Also, in two weeks, I shall be going on a school trip for a few days. There shall be scheduled blog posts, but please note that I cannot reply to any comments

Sorry for any inconveniences, and hopefully I should have a blog post on Thursday. 

P.S Thank you to Christian Mihai for being the 1st follower of the blog. Also thanks to simpledimple and moviebabble for liking!


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