Effects of Smoking

Smoking is bad, we all know it. I have produced a poster to elaborate on this. I hope you enjoy.

Thanks, Keeran.

biology poster

Yeah, About That.

You know I posted that article called “Exciting Times,” yeah, about that. I sort of left this blog to drive into nothingness. But it’s exciting times, really!

I think I just set my hopes up too high. I’m going to take a step back. Learn, will definitely not be coming out that soon. But I do hope it will come out. I’ll be publishing more frequently, and I have some stellar stuff planned out.  So put your seatbelt on, we’re going on a ride.

Thanks, Keeran, Editor

Exciting Times

Just a quick note, over the next eight weeks (except from next week) I shall also post a blog on Saturday and Tuesday (Including my usual Thursday and Sunday).  Hope you enjoy and make sure your reading this on the week starting the 26/06/17 (06/26/17 in American dates).   

P.S Thank you Soren, and Chris Nicholas for liking.